Friday, October 14, 2011

Caught a Fever

I am doing a "Five Minute Friday" post inspired by  Her word for today is "Catch."

I've definitely caught a fever - a fever for jewelry and creativity!  I am excited about my "job" that I have created for myself with this little hobby turned home business.  It began trying to find pretty jewelry for my sensitive ears and turned into the thought that maybe I could try making my own.  From there it spawned and spawned...  The more I learn, the more I want to learn and discover and explore the materials and processes.  I've got more ideas than I have time for!  And it's a marvelous feeling!  Some things I'm meaning to get to include: resin bead / cabachon making using silicon molds and dyes (for my hypoallergenic niobium post earrings and surgical steel post earrings), wire wrapping of gemstones I've put through my rock tumbler, experimenting with my dremel tool so I can get comfortable with using it, and working with the titanium wire I ordered in order to also offer it as another hypoallergenic option.  And there's more buzzing around in my head!  I try to write it down and pin it up on my inspiration board.  So, I've definitely caught a fever - and I think the only cure is to feed it!  ;)

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Amanda J ~ Pretty Sensitive Ears

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