Thursday, November 25, 2010

20% Off For Long Holiday Weekend

Happy Thanksgiving!  I sincerely hope everyone has a great relaxing day!!

Starting this evening (once the feasting is done!), everything in my etsy shop will be 20% off! Thru Monday night! Earrings for sensitive ears using Surgical Steel and Niobium - Styles for Everyone!  All are handmade and one-of-a-kind!
If you'd like to read more about Surgical Steel earrings and Niobium earrings, you can check the Materials page here on my site.

I set up my sale using a new application website called Etsy On Sale.  You can visit their site to search thousands of sale items from!

Here in the Pacific Northwest it is snowy, icy, and cold outside this Thanksgiving!  It is much more appealing to me to shop from home via the internet and the comfort of my own home than to venture out in this weather to a Mall (where finding one-of-a-kind items is also next to impossible I might add and crowds can get more than crazy!).  Support small business!!  :)  And now I'll step off of my soap  :)

Happy Turkey Day!

Friday, November 19, 2010


Howdy Ya'll!  I came up with a raffle idea for the Pretty Sensitive Ears facebook page (which is found at wherein one lucky fan will win a free pair of earrings with free shipping, no strings attached!  To enter, fans need to visit my etsy shop (found at, peruse my earring styles and determine their personal favorite.  Then return to the facebook page and leave me a comment naming their personal favorite pair.  The winner's name will be drawn from a hat and they will be shipped (free!) the most popular pair of earrings from my etsy shop as voted by the facebook fans.  No strings attached, and I promise I will not be hounding anyone afterwards!  I've been surprised that after nearly a week and a half there are only two entries.  I thought people would be interested to see the earrings and would be interested in winning a free pair which they could keep for themselves, or give as a gift.  Maybe everyone is too busy right now?  Maybe everyone is weary of entering contests for fear of being spammed?  Who knows?  I hope to alleviate any concerns by writing this blog posting.  I am really excited to hear what facebook fans have to say about the earring styles so I can see which are most popular and see if I'm creating appealing looks.  I plan on ending the raffle tomorrow, Saturday, November 20th, and announcing the winner on Monday, November 22nd.  So please, do enter!  And stay tuned to hear who the lucky winner is!  :) 

Along the lines of interaction with fans/customers, I'd love to encourage anyone who has purchased a pair of earrings from me to send or post your photos of you wearing your earrings!  I'd love love love to see what they look like on!  Also, if you have feedback, etsy has a great system (that's ridiculously quick and easy too) for leaving feedback which helps my reputation as a reliable seller there too!  I'd appreciate letting me know and others too on facebook about what you like about your earrings as well.

Finally, I wanted to let everyone know that etsy has finally (!!!) worked in the capability to handle coupon codes!  So, I will be able to offer discounts to facebook fans via discount codes very soon! 

Facebook for me has gotten a little overwhelming at times with the inundation of information from friends / news sources / bloggers / etc.  So please, if you feel inclined, let me know what sort of topics are of interest to you.  Did you like the link for cleaning your jewelry at home?  Do you like to see pictures of earrings that have been newly posted?  Would you like to hear more about my inspirations?  Let me know so I can tailor my content to what it is you like to hear - so I'm not spamming you or causing you to hide my feeds (eek!).

Thanks so much everyone!  :)  Hope to hear from you all soon!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Where I Work

We moved a couple of months ago and I was able to set up an allocated workspace for me and my earring supplies in our new home!  This is a great treat!  It's a little unorganized at this point (as is much of the rest of our new home), but already it's been great to have my own little corner!  Here are a couple of photos of my workspace: 

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

About Time?

Well, all I seem to read about in the Etsy forums and online is about how wonderful blogging can be for your online business.  So here's my first try at it!  This first post won't be long, but I thought I'd share that the other day as I experimented with shiny white bugle beads to try to fashion them into some great snow-time earrings, I began to think about how much I enjoy creating unique things.  It's a nice break from having to do things the "right" or predetermined way all the time.  I can take the materials that I find enticing (whether they be new, second-hand, found objects, recycled, or upcycled) and manipulate them however my imagination sees fit!  It's so incredibly refreshing and when I get in the zone it doesn't really matter if it works out or not, because the process is what is so enjoyable!