Thursday, April 21, 2011

Niobium Post Earrings = SUCCESS!

I made a pair of Niobium post earrings a week or so ago and affixed clear princess cut Swarovski flat back crystals to them.  For backs I used silicon backs as I wanted to maintain the 100% hypoallergenic nature of the Niobium for these earrings.  I finally got around to cleaning them up and trying them on yesterday.  I cannot emphasize enough how comfortable these post earrings were!  I felt like I was wearing nothing at all.  The backs held on and didn't budge all day AND all night!  That's right, I tried sleeping in them too just to see how that would go.  As I mentioned, the backs stayed in place and they were incredibly comfortable to sleep in.  No poking at all.  The rounded silicon backs are brilliant!

So after a very successful test of their wear-ability, comfort, durability, and look, I am pleased to say that I will be able to start offering these in my etsy shop!  I have several different color options in round flat back Swarovski crystals in the 4 mm size that can be affixed to the Niobium posts.  If anyone has any special requests, please don't hesitate to contact me!

The next thing for me to explore is how to be able to add a dangle to these Niobium posts...  Once I've tried out the concept I have in mind, I will post to let everyone know.

This is one thing I love about jewelry making...the possibilities are endless!

Here are some pictures of the Niobium posts with clear Swarovski princess cut crystals that I made for myself: 

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