Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011: Year in Review

2011 was quite a year for Pretty Sensitive Ears

Throughout the spring I had spent quite a bit of time reading about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) online and in library books and working to apply the concepts to my sites. 

It was in May / June time frame that I began to offer Niobium post earrings with freshwater pearls.  Also around that time I reached 100 sales in my shop.

Since then it has been a steady increase in orders / sales.  Over the summer I began to introduce the gemstone niobium post earrings.   By fall I was also offering many different colors of crystal niobium post earrings.  I also reached 200 sales shortly thereafter.  I found my sites to be in the top 10 google search results for "earrings for sensitive ears" (all the SEO work paid off!).

During the fall I also spent quite a bit of time working to edit my listing titles and tags to enable my shop to show up in the "relevancy search" results that etsy had made default.  Additionally, I realized my shop was eligible long ago for being sent to google shopping but was not showing up.  After contacting etsy administrators, my shop was set up to allow this.  These efforts give my shop more visibility.  But I am still learning!  There is still work to be done to improve this even more!

By December I was amidst the 300 sales milestone and Christmas orders pushed me to 350!  So this latter half of 2011 has been busy!  My husband began helping me in the late summer time with shipping orders.  Then he started helping me process orders.  From there he worked on helping me finish up pairs to totally making pairs.  He's learned quickly and has been an invaluable helper.  December found us spending many long evenings, after our kids had gone to sleep, sitting in our work space with the local Christmas radio station on while we worked away.  It felt so much like "Santa's workshop."

I am looking forward to 2012!  I look forward to the new styles, colors, and getting to order some new materials!  Looking forward to restocking my shop with lots of fresh new styles!  Looking forward to continuing to learn and improve my online small business.  And looking forward to helping other folks with sensitive ears be able to wear pretty / stylish / fashionable earrings.

Thank you to all who have helped to support Pretty Sensitive Ears!  Please visit again soon to see what's NEW!

Many Thanks,

Amanda & Brian Jensen ~ Pretty Sensitive Ears

Friday, December 9, 2011

Amber Niobium Posts Video Now on YouTube

I just got the video for the Amber Niobium Post Earrings uploaded to YouTube to show a little better the intricacies of the color in natural daylight and in this case, the interior features as well.  Sometimes it helps to get kind of a dynamic "live" look at a product!

Visit the following link to view the video on YouTube:

You can find these Amber Niobium Post Earrings in 4mm or 6mm for sale in my etsy shop in the Niobium Post Earrings section.

Thank you.

Niobium Treasury Feature

LOVE this treasury and the curator's description:  "Niobium is physiologically inert which makes it a metal of choice for people sensitive to metals. But it is also quite beautiful which makes it a metal of choice for everyone."