Monday, June 27, 2011

As Promised - More Photos of Niobium Post Earrings

6mm Amethyst Niobium Posts

6mm Malachite Niobium Posts

6mm Tiger Eye Niobium Posts

4mm Nephrite Jade Niobium Posts

6mm Lavender Amethyst Niobium Posts
4mm Powder Green Swarovski Pearl Niobium Posts
2mm Stainless Steel Ball Niobium Posts
4mm Onyx Niobium Posts
4mm Lapis Lazuli Niobium Posts
All are currently listed for sale in my etsy shop at  100% hypoallergenic post earrings for sensitive ears made out of Niobium and all come with rounded silicone backs.

Monday, June 20, 2011

More Niobium Posts

I showed pictures of my very first pair of 100% hypoallergenic Niobium post earrings for sensitive ears in a previous post here on my blog.  That post can be found here.

Since then I've sold several pairs of Niobium post earrings with freshwater button pearls.  Here is a photo of these:

I also had a custom order request for another pair of Niobium posts with crystals.  The customer requested dark green.  Here is a photo of how these turned out:

Up next, I have a variety of gemstones that I will be mounting on to Niobium posts.  Included in the lineup are:  amethyst, tiger eye, onyx, lapis lazuli, nephrite, malachite, and more!  These gemstones range in size from 4 mm for those who prefer their post earrings to be more of a subtle accessory to 6 mm for those who love to have their posts stand out more.

I also have the concept in mind for how to create a dangle element to these Niobium posts.  My first shortcut method did not work.  But, method number two is more complicated, but should just do the trick!  Stay tuned!  :)

P.S.  I do like to work with individuals to create custom earrings that are in your preferred color and/or material.  Don't hesitate to contact me either by email:  prettysensitive at gmail dot com  Or via the contact page on my website:

Monday, June 6, 2011

Dremel & Bloggie

My 30th birthday has arrived!  And I have to say, I feel just fine.  ;) 

My parents gave to me this birthday a gift of a Dremel tool which I have long wanted!  I am so excited (and also a little intimidated!)  I perused the owner's manual and took a look through all of the various attachments and am now working on dreaming up its inaugural project!  I think that once I can start playing around with it I will learn quickly what I can do with it.  (hopefully without doing much damage to any of the attachments!  but, you know, sometimes you just gotta learn by making mistakes!)

My husband gave me an amazing little techie device called a Sony Bloggie.  It is a small digital video camera with dual screens:  one on the back as we've all typically seen with digital cameras, and another screen on the front!  It's so I can set it up on a tripod and video myself and be able to see what I'm recording (my kids love this feature - lol)  He got it so I can record videos of earring making to share online!  I think it's going to be sort of fun - whether it's for making brief tutorials or for sharing the inspiration and work behind a particular pair that I've made.  This camera is so sleek too - and can take still pictures while video recording too. 

A few more sentimental thoughts on turning 30 before I end this blog post...

I have had my dearest family and friends nearby to help me welcome this new decade of my life - and it really means a lot to me.  I've always been a "quality" not "quantity" type of girl when it comes to friends, and I feel really blessed to have the real, supportive, quality friendships that I do.  In general the last few months have been ones filled with thought and reflection on life thus far and onward, and I am sincerely thankful to be where I am in my life.  Each day I grow more and more comfortable in my own skin, I keep learning more and more, and gain more and more wisdom.  There's nothing quite like experience to help you truly understand the wisdom our elders try to pass on to us at a young age.  I see this quite simply with my own children, and feel it myself when I have an 'ah-ha!' moment of realization about advice given to me by elder loved ones since passed. 

Sentimentality aside, I know my 30's are going to be grand!  :) 

And back on the topic of Pretty Sensitive Ears...  ;)  I have really enjoyed so far the handful of feedback I have received from customers who are having great success with earrings they've purchased from me.  It's a great feeling to help people out.  Thanks for the feedback and support.  I am enjoying this "job" much more than any other I've ever had!