Friday, January 20, 2012

Relief Hoops - 100% hypoallergenic, nickel free, niobium hoops

Today I introduced "Relief Hoops" in to my etsy shop.  They are handmade out of niobium - which is 100% hypoallergenic, nickel free.

These hoops are wonderful for healing new piercings or helping irritated piercings or comforting piercings between wearing heavy or non-hypoallergenic earrings. 

Besides their hypoallergenic quality, they are additionally great for healing new piercings because they are light weight, allow extra room while the piercing is healing, can be worn while doing sea-salt water soaks for healing, and can be worn while swimming or bathing. 

(Epoxy can weaken over time if it is soaked and so my niobium post earrings are better off not being worn while swimming, bathing, or soaking.)

Since these are handmade by me, they can be made to any size you desire.  Just let me know!

Here are some photos of these simple (dare I say magical?) healing "Relief Hoops" earrings: