Friday, May 3, 2013

NEW Resin Niobium Post Earrings for Sensitive Ears

I am listing today something brand NEW and totally unique!  Resin Niobium post earrings which we are thrilled about.  These are beautiful, solid, and so completely comfortable for sensitive ears.  Niobium is nickel free and is 100% hypoallergenic.  In this first round I have made several upcycled styles which reuse items otherwise headed for trash.  The result is truly one of a kind jewelry that is helping out the reduce/reuse/recycle cause!  These new styles are available in our Pretty Sensitive Ears' Etsy shop under the section titled "Other Niobium Posts" for sale until they are gone!  Remember they are all one of a kind sets of earrings, so if you see some you like, get them before someone else does!

These two kanji meaning "Scorpio" are from a Japanese magazine.

These are snippets from an old playing card.
Playing card snippets have red on the backside from the 2 of Hearts.  The red reflects on the back surface of the resin when viewed from the side.  So cool!

Double sided paper from an old Japanese calendar.
The back pattern reflects off the back surface of the resin.  Cool effect!  That's what I call a happy accident!

Holographic holly paper from an old gift bag.

Clear resin roses with some magenta glitter.  Lesson learned here: We will probably stick to opaque resin for these in the future so we can better see the petal shapes and texture details.

Twisted wire Niobium roses held within resin ovals.  Super cool!

I learned a lot in the process of creating these new resin post earring styles and will definitely be populating our Pretty Sensitive Ears' Etsy shop with many, many more variations for all of YOUR pretty, sensitive ears!

xoxo - Amanda