Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ring - with cute buttons

With two little ones in my house - a preschooler and a toddler - life gets busy busy busy!  So I have not had as much time lately to work on new earrings.  I'd really like to sit down during my next large chunk of free-time and set up a light box to take my photos in.  That is one of my major downfalls - my photos are just not as bright and clear as they could be to showcase the jewelry as best as possible for those browsing through etsy. 
I have recently been taking a beginners folk guitar class - something I've long wanted to do.  I really am enjoying it.  It's odd though - the calluses forming on the tips of my fingers on my left hand make playing the guitar hurt a lot less, but it also makes them a bit desensitized.  So when I'm working with ultra-small beads it's kind of strange - I don't immediately know whether I've really picked anything up at all!  It does however come in handy with wire-wrapping.  The ends of the wires don't hurt as much if they poke or scratch me there!  :)
An awesome friend of ours helped to upgrade our laptop hard drive and operating system over the weekend.  My computer is a million times faster (approximately - lol).  It is going to be so much easier to work through editing photos and posting styles now!!
Finally, I used my gold craft wire tonight to experiment again with wire wrapping to make a wire-wrapped ring.  It turned out sooo pretty!  I put two blue buttons on the top of it.  I am now wishing I made it out of hypoallergenic metal so I could keep it!  Instead of having to take it apart, I am thinking of photographing it and offering it as a give-away to one of my facebook fans who doesn't have sensitivities.  Because it is darn cute!
That is all for now - a quick update!

Edit on March 23rd:  Here are a few photos of the button ring - size 10.5.

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