Wednesday, November 10, 2010

About Time?

Well, all I seem to read about in the Etsy forums and online is about how wonderful blogging can be for your online business.  So here's my first try at it!  This first post won't be long, but I thought I'd share that the other day as I experimented with shiny white bugle beads to try to fashion them into some great snow-time earrings, I began to think about how much I enjoy creating unique things.  It's a nice break from having to do things the "right" or predetermined way all the time.  I can take the materials that I find enticing (whether they be new, second-hand, found objects, recycled, or upcycled) and manipulate them however my imagination sees fit!  It's so incredibly refreshing and when I get in the zone it doesn't really matter if it works out or not, because the process is what is so enjoyable!

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