Sunday, April 17, 2011

Light Box!

My husband and I sat down last night with a cardboard box, scissors, tape, ruler, pencil, heavy duty white paper, and a white tshirt and made an inexpensive light box for taking pictures!  After contacting a fellow Etsian about her amazing photos, she referred me to a website about digital photography with a simple method for constructing your own light box at home (rather than spending hundreds of dollars on one).

So, it is all put together and I am very excited to put it to good use!  I plan on re-taking many of the pictures from my shop to repost.  I just don't feel that the lighting in many of my current photos does the jewelry any justice!  Maybe I'll post some before and after photos here to show the MUCH improved images!

I can hardly wait!

Note:  Caroline @ Khalliah Design has been so helpful in referring me to the light box tutorial.  Her website is at:  
Etsy shop at:
And facebook page at:

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